Monday, November 19, 2007

New York Nights: Success in the City

Follow your dream and become a scenester in New York City. You have forty days succeed: make friends, land your dream job, and find love in the coolest city in the world.

Now you can experience life in the Big Apple right in the palm of your hand!
In New York Nights: Success in the City™, you can customize your character’s features to create the person you’ve always wanted to be.

As you climb the social ladder, you’ll have fun with friends, go out on dates, and maybe even find true love!
The colorful graphics and innovative gameplay create a new standard for simulation games.

With its unexpected twists and turns, New York Nights is sure to be a game you’ll enjoy playing over and over again.

While New York Nights isn't the most innovative game, it executes extremely well on an established formula. New York Nights isn't The Sims' poor cousin; it's its distinguished brother-in-law.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

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Miami Nights Singles in the City

Gameplay of Miami Nights is pretty fantastic. You start off customizing your character, choosing your dream ambition, and off you go into the night life of Miami! You get to choose who you want to hang out with, how many partners you would like to have, and even decide your personality! Are you an extremely cultured person, or perhaps more of the charmer? You can even choose a combination of both if you plan you character’s development wisely, and go out into the world and steal and break a few hearts or two.

Another definite plus for Miami Nights is that the people you meet out in the streets are always different, and are always of random character! Some might be the kind of person you’d want to bring home to meet your parents, while others are the kind that would perhaps palm you off after the very first night. On the other hand, some are the kind that you would want to palm off on the first night. At the same time however, you would want to make as many friends as possible, as they will often give you new clothing to further customize your character!

This involves getting a job, building up a group of friends and lovers and generally causing a stir on the social scene. Of course, it’s not all delivered to you on a platter. Just like real life, you’ve got to earn a wage, look after yourself and work hard at maintaining the relationships you form.

Fans of “sims” type games all loved the mobile game “New York Nights”. Now, Miami Nights, the follow up to that game is out on and major improvements have been made! But is it enough to make gamers gasp in awe?


Most rats spend their lives eating garbage. Remy, an ambitious anti-rodent who dreams of becoming a great chef, has spent his life trying to do the opposite. He sees food as a work of art – a rare and cherished item that should be chosen wisely and savored with every bite.

At the same time, most garbage boys spend their lives disposing of trash. Linguini, a clumsy (but controllable) employee at a famous restaurant, is perfectly content picking up after his co-workers. Things change when, by a chance meeting that only Pixar and director/writer Brad Bird could envision, Remy discovers that he has the ability to manipulate Linguini’s actions.

Ratatouille’s full-of-laughs story was publicly unveiled on June 16 during one-time-only sneak previews held at select theaters across the country. The endearing characters, unexpected events and eye-popping visuals led to loud cheers upon the closing credits at one local showing – the kind of enthusiasm that is usually reserved for big-name sequels like Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings. But Pixar is no average studio, earning fans that will go see anything they produce because we know that we will enjoy everything they produce.

There are also those who will buy every game based on a Pixar movie because it’s safe to assume they’ll get something good. As with last year’s Cars, Ratatouille will be released for every game platform available. Console gamers can look forward to a 3D adventure that follows the events and locations of the film, hopefully in the way the Toy Story games did back in the 90s. The handheld editions should be similar, but there is one version that differs from the bunch: the mobile phone edition. Developed as a frantic top-down strategy game, Ratatouille mobile uses the movie’s premise to its advantage. The game begins as soon as Remy starts to direct Linguini’s appendages. For players, that means you’ll be in control of Linguini as he scrambles around a crowded kitchen.

In the game, players will assume the role of Remy, a young rat whose love for great food puts him at odds with the needs of his family. Fans will be able to relive some of the film’s most thrilling moments and experience the sights, sounds and most importantly, the smells, of Paris a la Remy across a multitude of gaming systems. Players will instantly recognize the storyline, characters and key locations of Ratatouille, as they engage in a series of unique mini-games, cooking challenges and head-to-head multiplayer. Ratatouille will allow players to create culinary masterpieces, evade detection from dangerous and often hungry enemies, and brave the perils of the dinner-rush in this senses-shattering journey to fulfill Remy’s life-long dream of becoming a great chef.

[i]# Play as the loveable Linguini as you cook your way to culinary excellence in Gusteau’s famous restaurant. With Remy under your hat to guide you, you begin as a simple Prep Cook and master your skills to eventually become the Head Chef.
# Prepare the gourmet items on the menu from a variety of different cooking stations - but do it before your hungry patrons get too impatient and leave in an angry huff.
# Get started with “Cook School” – where Remy can help you fine tune your cooking skills before you really go heavy. Careful not to burn or under cook your order!
# “Kitchen Rush” tests your skills; try to stay on top of the meal service while more chefs, food critics, impatient customers and a Head Chef bear down on you – it’s a recipe for fun!
# Bonuses abound – upgraded utensils and cook tops, special spices and secret tips from Remy.
# Animated cut scenes will bring the movie storyline from the big screen to the mobile screen.